Keyboard Shortcuts

Shift-Click: Alternate/Config Script

Each pyRevit command bundle can contain two scripts:

* is the main script.

* is the Alternale/Config script.

SHIFT-clicking on a ui button will run the alternate/config script. This alternate script is generally used to configure the main tool. Try Shift clicking on the Match tool in pyRevit > Modify panel and see the configuration window. Then try Shift clicking on the Settings tool in pyRevit panel slide-out and see what it does.

If you don’t define the configuration script, you can check the value of __shiftclick__ in your scripts to change script behaviour. This is the method that the Settings command is using to open the config file location in explorer:

if __shiftclick__:

Ctrl-Click: Debug Mode

CTRL-clicking on a ui button will run the script in DEBUG mode and will allow the script to print all debug messages. You can check the value of __forceddebugmode__ variable to see if the script is running in Debug mode to change script behaviour if neccessary.

if __forceddebugmode__:

Alt-Click: Show Script file in Explorer

ALT-clicking on a ui button will show the associated script file in windows explorer.

Ctrl-Shift-Alt-Click: Reload Engine

If you’re using pyRevit Rocket mode, this keyboard combination will force pyRevit to discard the cached engine for this command and use a new fresh engine. If you are developing scripts for pyRevit and using external modules, you’ll need to use this keyboard combination after changes to the imported module source codes. Since the modules are already imported in the cached engine, you’d need a new fresh engine to reload the modules.

Shift-Win-Click: pyRevit Button Context Menu

Shows the context menu for the pyRevit command. See image below: